Most frequent questions and answers

1, Roaming In CPE is using multi-operator solution, in USA we use Verizon/AT&T/T-mobile network, it will automatically connect to the best network.

We can offer you a order management system, then you can create orders by yourself. Besides, you can also create sub-account for your staff and your distributors.

1, Our CPE support multi-carrier without inserting a physical SIM card, so you can connect to other operator’s network when one of the operator network failure.

2, Cost-effective. All the data plan are deployed by our SIM bank system, it will save you a lot of cost.

1, Our targeted customers are those who live in rural areas and business stores where there not yet covered with broadband or fiber, or covered with fiber but the price is too expensive.

2, Instant, day one internet connectivity over LTE for new locations, temporary sites such as pop-up stores or when there are delays with wireline buildouts for fiber. It also can be quickly converted to failover when the fixed line installed.

Plug and play, no installation fee. No contract, you can buy whatever plan you like.

There are 2 plans:

1, You take  control of the whole business.  You need to buy clould SIM router(CPE), SIM bank from us. We will offer you OSS and BSS portal to you, we will also charge you start SIM card cost for each of the activated devices. Besides, we will also charge use service fee of using our portal.  We don’t sell any SIM card or data plan to you. This business plan opens to all the customers.

2, We sell device(CPE) and data plan. This plan only for specific countries, like Japan/South Korea/ USA. 

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