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Engaged in wireless broadband and network solutions , Roaming In has been offering cross border mobile telecommunication and mobile broadband since 2014 in Shenzhen, China. With Roaming In solutions global travelers, users can use a mobile WiFi or eSIM,  keeping you connected no matter where you go. We offer at honorable price, so that can save as much as 70% of roaming costs. For business travelers, Roaming In allows your employees are able to reach clients and partners , while reducing the expenses of international data for worldwide business trip.

Plus, Roaming In CPE products solve where not covered with broadband or covered with broadband but with limited speed. By the leading technology of cloud SIM, which means we can use multi-carrier network in every country. Users can switch to the best operator network based on their location without buying SIM card from different operators. Our Cloud SIM 4G LTE routers are widely used for rural areas where not covered with broadband, or where still not covered with fiber . Other ideal applications are rural areas, SOHO      (small office home office), startups, pop up stores, franchises who would like to save their cost and get instant network over LTE. All in all, out target is to make sure you stay connected to the network.


  • Covering more than 100 countries
  • Multi-operator in every covered country, auto switch to the best operator’s network
  • Save up 70% of international roaming bills
  • Day Pass plans for rental/travel agencies with unlimited data
  • Worldwide coverage, support mobile phone and tablet
  • eSIM profile sent by email automatically included with a QR code 
  • Flexible data plans, 1GB fast speed with unlimited 384kpbs each day; 10GB 30 days plan.
  •  Multi-carrier network.

Instant Wireless Broadband Over LTE

  • Rural areas haven’t covered with firber or still using copper wire in limited speed.
  • Backup network for cooperation in case of fiber down.
  • Multi-operator , auto switch to the best operator’s network, best backup netowrk. 
  • Portals for you to manage the CPE devices and orders.

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